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Aurifil ThreadAurifil is the “Cadillac” of cotton thread. It is ideal for machine quilting, patchwork piecing, embroidery, and appliqué. The thread is manufactured in Italy from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Aurifil thread is quickly becoming the number one choice for quilting because of the following properties:

  • Strength
  • Minimal fuzz
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Makes a thinner, more accurate ¼” seam
  • 1422 yd snap spools (the equivalent of over 8 Mettler spools)
  • Individually wrapped in protective plastic to keep dust out
  • No adapter needed to fit the spools on domestic machines

Orange holders distinguish the 50wt spools. To release the thread twist off the end cap, when you have finished you can tuck in the thread ends and twist the end cap back on. Neat way to tidy up those flapping and tangling loose ends!

Aurifil is also the other thread Diane Gaudynski recommends for using in the bobbin when machine quilting with YLI silk thread because it grasps the slippery silk and also means you don’t use up your expensive silk thread so fast.

Aurifil usually retails in stores for $12.00 per spool, but because I think it’s the finest all-around quilting thread, I’m offering it in a variety of colors at the special price of $8.50 per spool.

Aurifil Thread

GTKH 50 wt Thread Box
Dark Grey - Aurifil thread #2605
Light Grey - Aurifil thread #2600
White - Aurifil thread #2024
Black - Aurifil thread #2692
Bright Red Work - Aurifil thread #2260
Country Blue - Aurifil thread #2725
Beige - Aurifil thread #2000
Ivory - Aurifil thread #2021
Medium Beige - Aurifil thread #2314
Variegated Yellow and Blue - Aurifil thread #4649
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